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Have you ever wondered
why body composition is important?

Body composition is a key indicator of overall health. Determining body composition is crucial not only for athletes, models, and bodybuilders but also for the general public.

This is where InBody, a body composition machine, comes into play in our homes. With the outbreak of the pandemic, many people are avoiding crowded settings like gyms and seeking fitness options at home. InBody can help you take care of your health at home while continuing your fitness journey.

Why InBody Dial?

Patented thumb electrodes

Unlike conventional 4-point body composition scales that solely measure the lower body and estimate the remaining segments, the InBody Dial scale measures each segment of the body using Direct Segmental Measurement BIA.


Dual Frequency

InBody DIAL H20N uses Dual Frequencies (20, 100 kHz) for precise measurements as much as medical-level instruments which enables you to get more accurate body composition analysis.


algorithm from professional InBody

InBody's world-class technology and Professional InBody Algorithm is included in InBody DIAL H20N.


InBody APP

The InBody APP provides valuable body composition insights, personalized recommendations, and helps you track your health and fitness progress.