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Estimating total body weight is typical of consumer scales. Traditionally, this measurement is a combination of values for your Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, and Body Water.

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Using body composition analysis to determine Skeletal Muscle Mass can show you how to maintain healthy levels that will allow you to improve mobility, posture, and immunity.

Percent Body Fat

Understanding Percent Body Fat (PBF) is valuable because it tells you how much fat makes up your total body weight, making it a more accurate health metric than weight or BMI.

Visceral Fat Level

Visceral fat is stored in your abdominal cavity. Carrying excess fat in this region places you at a greater risk for chronic disease.


Accurate Results

Accuracy lies at the heart of our technology. Instead of looking at your body as one unit, we consider each part separately to establish more exact measurements for body composition outputs that include Weight, Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Visceral Fat Level.

Quick & Easy Tests

Connect the InBody App to the InBody H20N via Bluetooth and step onto the scale. Get results in under 10 seconds and send them directly to the InBody App.

Clear Insights

Our smart weight analyzer goes beyond just weight to provide you with a detailed summary of your health. By examining additional measurements, such as Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Percentage, you can determine how to adapt your exercise and dietary habits to create a sustainable lifestyle that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

InBody App


Your Health & Wellness Data Simplified

View all your recent body composition tests from your smartphone. Choose to examine your most recent test results, body composition history, or how you rank in comparison to individuals of the same age and gender.

Record Healthy Habits

Input your exercise regime and monitor daily movement, such as step count and active minutes, through our training log.

Track Progress

Compare variations in test results over time to gain a better understanding of your body composition history and learn how making small changes can improve longevity and quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

InBody Test Results vary between the same device. Why is there a difference in outcomes?

If you are standing with incorrect posture, outcomes will vary. Make sure your hands and feet are come in contact with the electrodes properly. Maintain this posture until the Test is complete.

What does my InBody Ranking mean?

Your InBody Ranking is based off a formula that compares your weight, muscle mass, and body fat mass. A person with a high body fat percentage would have a lower score than a person with a lower body fat percentage. Lose body fat mass to see your ranking increase.

How do you make the results stay on the screen longer?

InBody Test results are shown on the LCD screen for 100 seconds. If you want to see it for a longer period of time, turn the dial.

Can InBody provide a copy of the results?

We are unable to view your H20N test results by your phone number. The data is saved to your InBody App and is not available to our staff.

Does the H20N come with warranty?

The InBody H20N has a manufacture warranty of 1 year from the date of delivery as long as there are no physical damages on the device.

What is the maximum number of apps that can be connected to the InBody H20N?

There is no set maximum of InBody App accounts that can connect to a single H20N scale.
However, at any given time, only 1 InBody App account can establish a test connection with the H20N.
Once the InBody App account starts an InBody test, that test must be completed before another InBody App account can establish a test connection with the H20N.

How do I change the language on the InBody app?

Open the InBody App.
Press the three horizontal lines icon at the bottom right corner.
  1.Refer to General and press Languages.
  2.Swipe the circle icon to display a green color next to the desired language.
  3.Select Save to confirm the selection.

Weight is inaccurate

Tap the footplate to turn on the device. Once 0.0 appears on the LCD screen after 2-3 seconds, try again.
The weight can be inaccurate if you use the device on carpet or a mattress. Place the device on a flat, hard surface.